From December 6th to 10th 2021, Kelsey, Eriol, and Hex took over the IMakeFOSS Twitter account to share the first USABLE resource “User testing can be fun”.

Founded by Jason Evangelho and Jochen Spang, IMakeFOSS is a Twitter account and website that gives a voice to open source projects around the world by letting contributors takeover the Tweeting on a weekly basis. Tweets are archived not only on Twitter, but the well-organized website.

It was a really great experience interacting with the community and sharing the UX side of OSS development. Behind the scenes, Kelsey and Eriol prepped the Tweets and images, responded to comments, and overall had a blast!

In preparation for the takeover, Eriol and Kelsey (camouflaged as Fox and Skunk) participated in an interview to introduce themselves to the community.

We’re thankful that to UX designers got the chance to share our message about user testing. Thanks, IMakeFOSS!