We wanted to make sure that folks who prefer a ‘static’ resource for the ‘User testing can be fun: An FAQ for small open source teams’ can have access to the insights and advice too, which is why we made a poster for download and sharing as a digital resource or printing to put up in a workspace.

The poster version doesn’t require an internet connection to play (like the ‘User testing can be fun: An FAQ interactive guide’) as we recognise that not everyone globally has access to a stable connection all of the time and might just want a ‘static’ version of the FAQ tips and advice.

You can download the high res .pdf hosted on our github repository here

Whereas you can fork, clone, edit, play and submit improvements via issues and PRs to the game’s repository of code (like the interactive guide has here), the poster version can be iterated on and collaborated on in a similar way using an open ‘PenPot’ file. Simply upload a ‘finished’ version of your remixed poster via a pull request to our repository for the ‘Usertesting can be fun: An FAQ for small open source teams’ poster.

You can find our poster in a PenPot ‘shared prototype’ here.